Benefits of 360 Virtual tour for your business

Benefits of 360 Virtual Tours for your business

Full 360º virtual tours offer your web visitors unparalleled access to your location or business without ever leaving your website whilst boosting your web visitor retention and sales or bookings.

When a person researches a business on Google, they are looking for key factors to help them with their decision on whether to use the product or service. Reviews, social media presence and updated business information have always been key players in a visitor’s decision, but now more than ever, 360° Virtual Tours on Google are factors that will help you stand out.



Virtual tours benefit all types of businesses that need to grow their company’s knowledge, build trust, improve their results online and achieve their goals offline. With a 360° tour, you can show your interior and assortment and even transmit the atmosphere of your space. A virtual tour increases online bookings for hotels and restaurants and helps real estate

Make your business stand out, More Visibility.

 81% of people search online before making a purchase. Google tours simply help your business listing stand out. There is no doubt that Google search results are competitive. A business with a virtual tour on its Google listing have more visits than another that does not have it.

Increase customer engagement

Engagement online is everything and virtual tours play a pretty significant role in a consumer’s decision. Not only will you increase click-through-rate to your website from Google, you’ll keep visitors interested longer.

Attract more and new customers

While virtual tours have proven to increase traffic to websites, online viewers are even more likely to visit your business in person.

Stay Ahead of the competition

You’ll be viewed as a business that embraces the newest technology and is also forward thinking. 360 Virtual Tours is growing rapidly and more and more businesses are taking advantage of next-gen technology to cater to millennials. Not only will you show off your business’ personality, but you’ll stay on trend with the latest technology and ahead of your competition.

Now you kwon some of the benefits of 360 Virtual tour for your business, are you ready to boost your business?

Where to order a virtual tour?

To create the best image, you want to hire an experienced Google trusted  photographer. Vr Tour Solutions has made high-quality 360° tours in Cold Lake, AB.

  Here is one of our most recent works:


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